This Hungarian sweet treat you just don’t want to miss! Chimney Cakes are the bomb!

For all sweet tooth lovers out there – we have a great exotic dessert we would like to recommend – a chimney cake, a delicious treat you can get at AZ Chimney Cakes!

A chimney cake, traditionally called Kürtöskalács, is the official dessert of Hungary. This crunchy cylinder is, at least in its Americanized version, filled with various things such as ice cream, cookie batter, Oreo Crunch or crunched Biscoff cookies.


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Chimney cake batter is hand-rolled, then coated with sunflower oil, the only oil that can withstand such a hot oven (Chimney cakes bake at 800 degrees). The roll is coated with granulated sugar that caramelizes while it bakes on a sort of a spit. The result is a tapered cone that’s soft and dense on the inside, crisp and sticky on the outside. These cakes are hollow, with your choice of cinnamon/sugar, walnuts, coconut or plain glaze for the outside.

AZ Chimney Cakes started after a trip to Prague, CZ. Chimney cakes were available almost anywhere in the old town and new town Prague where they were cooked on spits over open fires on the street or in rotisserie ovens in quaint cafes. Shortly after arriving back home, the owner Zaaron Williams couldn’t get the sweet dessert out of his mind and began researching what they were and where the closest store that had them was. There were no stores in Arizona so the journey began. Together with his mom, he started heavily researching how they were made and recipes to make them. It took months after receiving the equipment from Europe to finally get the techniques down.

“The traditional way is just to grab the top and pull it apart piece by piece, dip the pieces in the cookie butter, and keep going.” William said.

His mother added: “You get messy eating chimney cakes, but oh well! It’s totally worth it.”

We totally agree!


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