Lom Wong at Phoenix is a new Thai restaurant

The Thai restaurant opened in March, serving the regional cuisines of its motherland from a cozy space with exposed brick and mustard velvet curtains.

Lom Wong celebrates the diverse people and cultures of Thailand by cooking the types of food that one would find in villages and small towns across the different regions of the country.


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At Lom Wong, they hand-pound their own curry paste, hand-squeeze their own coconut milk, and strive to honor the flavors and ingredients from the perspectives of the peoples of Thailand. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Thailand, be welcomed into somebody’s home, and fed the dishes they are most proud of, this experience is for you.

Lom Wong’s owners Yotaka “Sunny” Martin and Alex Martin have plenty of experience with Thai flavors. Their style reflects how food is served in the communities. Yotaka and Alex lived and worked in Thailand. Food comes out as it’s ready and is meant to be shared. Dishes are eaten with a fork and spoon, or sticky rice.

Yotaka grew up in the village of San Maket, Chiang Rai on a farm where her family grew rice, herbs, fruit, and raised animals. She spent her childhood in the kitchen with her mom, aunts and uncles, and grandma cooking what they grew. Wherever she traveled, she ended up in the kitchen learning different dishes, techniques, and usage for regional ingredients to develop her own unique cooking style. Upon moving to the USA, Yotaka made it her goal to introduce people to the unique flavors that remind her of home, so people who haven’t had the chance to spend time in smaller Thai towns and villages would have the opportunity to taste the dishes that her friends and family are most proud of.


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Alex received his BA in Cultural and Regional Studies from Prescott College in 2008 and an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from Chulalongkorn University in 2016. As a lover of travel and working in multicultural environments, he spent twelve years living in Thailand where he learned to speak fluent Thai. He’s contributed to projects surrounding micro-hydro energy, sustainable agriculture and fishing, anti-human trafficking and youth outreach, village based education, and language and cultural preservation initiatives. During his time working in village across Thailand, Alex realized that the deepest connections he made with community partners were had at the end of the day in the kitchen- cooking together and sharing the meals they made- often over a bottle of rice whiskey. Alex loves learning and sharing the stories of the people and communities who have welcomed Yotaka and him into their homes and shared their wonderful recipes with them.

The food at Lom Wong comes as each dish is ready and they are meant to be shared: little plates with big flavors. Everything is absolutely delicious, but our favorite dish is  YAM MAMUANG BORAN which is a green mango salad with hand-torn shrimp, crispy shallot, toasted coconut and peanut, coconut cream, lime and fish sauce. They also have amazing cocktails such as ROP NONG with gin, lime, house khrueng tom yum syrup, nam prik kaeng phet, nam prik pao and Thai chili infused ice and HONEYMOON IN JAPAN with bourbon, demerara, baan lam yai bitters and chu roht bitters.


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Don’t forget to try their creme brulee presented in two ways: the Tom Kha, a lemongrass and coconut version, close to the original, but with a twist, and the Roselle, named after a hibiscus species, was milky and sweet with a little bit of tang and a pale pink hue.









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