Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks You Love! (Part 1)

If you know someone who loves to cook and want to get them something really cool and practical these holidays, fear not cause we have an awesome list with awesome ideas! It’s a win-win situation really – when they see what you’ve bought for them, you’re getting that dinner invitation for sure! Happy shopping and happy cooking! Stay tuned for part 2!

Taste It Tours Gift Voucher

At Taste It Tours you’ll get to to sample bites at five or six different local establishments, learn about Arizona history, and more. You can buy a gift voucher online for the total tour amount or a specific dollar amount that can be used as credit toward the tour. Tours start at $65.


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Bench Scraper

Bench Scraper is a sort of like a large spatula you can use to divide dough and collect and transfer items like chopped produce or herbs from the cutting board to the pan. It can also be used to cut a pan of brownies or cutting pasta dough. $10-50.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet are amazing when preparing cornbread, roasting a whole chicken, cooking eggs and more. They are extremely versatile and long-lasting. $15-50.

Chef Scott Conant’s Cookbook

For cooks who love to read and discover new recipes, a perfect gift is a brand new cookbook! Scottsdale’s own Scott Conant fourth cookbook, Peace, Love, & Pasta: Simple and Elegant Recipes from a Chef’s Home Kitchen includes recipes from Conant’s many years in the kitchen and restaurants around the country. Most of the recipes have ingredients that are easily found in stores or online, and many are simple to put together, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. $25.

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Food Scale

Food scale is actually a very important kitchen tool. Instead of turning to the usual measuring cups, use a scale to weigh out more precisely. You’ll dirty up less dishes this way which is always a good news! $10-$30.

Knife Set

Same as a food scale, a good set of knives is essential for the home chef. There are traditionally two styles of knives, Eastern and Western. Eastern knives usually have one slanted blade while Western knives have two blades and generally more of a curve. There are also hybrid designs. Don’t forget to include a sharpener too! $50-$150.

Hayden Flour Mills Artisan Bread Baker’s Box

What’s better than a freshly baked loaf you make yourself? Hayden Flour Mills has a kit perfect for getting your chef started. The $99 Artisan Bread Baker’s Box comes with two boxes of artisan bread flour, a 9-inch proofing bowl, a stainless steel dough scraper, a tea towel, and a drawstring bread bag. If you’re feeling really generous, add a bench scraper too for a really perfect gift! $100.


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