Fata Morgana is a new Kosher restaurant in Scottsdale

Kosher restaurant Fata Morgana has recently opened in Scottsdale. The grand opening was in January 2022, in a space formerly occupied by Aunt Abby’s Confections.

Kosher, or kashrut (proper), food preparation and serving is based on a set of rules under which dairy and meat are kept separate; shellfish and pork are not allowed; and animals must be slaughtered by letting their blood drain, then soaking the meat in water and salting it to draw out any remaining blood.

Malawach, a dish of Yemenite origin / Bahar Anooshahr / phoenixnewtimes.com

One of the co-owners Bar Timi Babaganov (the other is David Babaganov) explained why they founded the eatery: “There were not a lot of kosher restaurants for the size of the Jewish community here.”

“Fata Morgana” is an Italian term meaning “mirage”. Babaganov describes the restaurant as “essentially a little mirage in Arizona.”

The simple space is clean and inviting, with modern rustic decor and a casual vibe. Two large photos decorate the wall — one of spoons filled with spices the color of fall foliage, and the other, in black and white, of signs pointing to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Restaurant / Bahar Anooshahr / phoenixnewtimes.com

The four-page menu is divided into hot and cold appetizers, salads, entrees, sandwiches, vegetarian, kiddos, sushi, and dessert.

There is something for everyone!

Since Israel is a melting pot of cuisines you’ll find very interesting meals on the menu such as Moroccan Cigars which are Crispy Wrappers Filled with Beef, and Served with Tahini Sauce. There is also the Impossible Burger for vegans, Sushi Rolls for lovers of Japanese cuisine and Sweet Churros with Vanilla Sorbet Ice Creams if you’re craving a sweet dish from South America.

Sabich is a popular dish of Iraqi origin / Bahar Anooshahr / phoenixnewtimes.com

You’ll enjoy a mix of great food here and a friendly vibe and service. Visit them ASAP!


  • 12–8PM
  • 12–8PM
  • 12–8PM
  • Closed
  • Closed
  • 12–8PM
  • 12–8PM


Phone: (480) 687-2243

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: phoenixnewtimes.com

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