Best Chicken and Waffles in Greater Phoenix Area

This unlikely and undeniably tasty dish, comes from dubious origins: The soul food is attributed somewhere between a Southern classic and a Pennsylvania Dutch staple. Regardless, this poultry-pastry duo has a home in Phoenix. Check out our fave places below!

Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles

They offer juicy, flavorful fried chicken and fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth waffles! The owner Larry “Lo-Lo” White has been perfecting his recipes for more than a decade. He has developed his own waffle mix, seasoned salt, maple syrup, hot sauce and more.

Greater Phoenix Locations

Over Easy

The secret to this retro hotspot’s chicken and waffles is in the sauce, a tangy blend of hot sauce and real maple syrup. The concoction, and the crispy dish underneath, snagged a spot on TLC’s “Best Food Ever.”


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Greater Phoenix Locations

The Normal Diner

The Normal Café & Bar offers breakfast, light bites and a full bar, the perfect place to start and end your day. With rich red velvet waffles and crispy free-range chicken, this signature dish is hardly normal. Enjoy it with warm syrup, butter and a few photos for Instagram—it’s quite photogenic.


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O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery

Brunch is better with friends, so don’t let your crispy chicken, bacon and maple waffle plate go solo: The Saturday and Sunday Beer Brunch includes a 10 oz local beer or mimosa with your entree.


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Greater Phoenix Locations

Jewel’s Bakery & Café

Could anyone put a healthy spin this traditionally indulgent dish? Jewel’s Bakery & Cafe, a locally-owned dine-in shop, might come the closest: The honey sriracha and buttermilk syrup-doused chicken and waffle plate comes at least with reassurance of fresh, organic and local ingredients.


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