Where to eat tartines in Scottsdale

French tartines and Italian bruschetta are kind of similar, but there are still some differences. Both are crusty bread with a lot of toppings, but tartines seem a little fancier and they have a loyal following in Arizona. Today, we’re presenting you three Scottsdale’s restaurants with amazing French tartines.


Brian Archibald, executive chef at Francine uses charcoal-grilled red fife wheat bread from Mediterra Bakehouse. Fig & Prosciutto tartine has roasted fig, ricotta, roquefort black pepper and honey. This Mediterranean mix will leave you craving for more. The more savory, the avocado tartine has avocado, broccoli sprouts, shaved radishes and house-made dukka seasoning for texture.

Archibald reveals the secret to a successful tartine:

“If the bread doesn’t have the integrity to support [the toppings], then it’s all for nothing.”

Phone: 480-690-6180


This restaurant has a menu of French classic including well represented tartines. The main ingredient of Zinqué’s tartines is the crusty Poilâne bread flown in from Paris three times a week. Their Salmon tartine is loaded with elicately smoked salmon dotted with crème fraîche, hard-boiled egg slices, fresh dill, capers and bits of salt and vinegar potato chips to lend a crunchy finish. Their Salami tartine includes lightly toasted Poilâine bread with Rodolphe Le Meunier butter and a layer of Rosette de Lyon pork salami with ample fat and plenty of garlic. Visit them ASAP!


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Phone: 623-745-9616

The Mick Brasserie

Chef and owner Brent Menke prepares delicious crab and avocado tartine with toasted Noble Bread brioche gussied up with spicy avocado mousse and seasoned jumbo lump crab lightly dressed in house-made aioli. Vegans will be happy to hear that Menke’s specialty is the vegan avocado made by smearing avocado mousse on Noble Bread ciabatta and smothering the tartine with slow-roasted tomatoes doused in olive oil mixed with fresh charred corn.

Phone: 480-210-5500

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