Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks You Love! (Part 2)

Here is a promised second part of holiday gift ideas for cooks you love! We hope this list will help you in finding a perfect gift! Happy shopping!


Mandoline will save you a ton of time when prepping ingredients. It’s ideal for cutting down the prep time on making homemade chips and fries, slivering apples for pie, and even grating cheese if there’s a grating blade included. Be careful cause they can be very sharp. $20-$80.

Pasta Machine

Making homemade pasta is not an easy task but it’s definitely easier with a good pasta machine. There are manual and electric pasta machines – it all depends how much work you think the chef will be willing to do. There’s nothing like homemade pasta at the end! Delicious! $30-$100.

Portable Pizza Oven

There’s something about that wood-fired taste of these ones that makes it taste super authentic. Plus, if you have a portable pizza oven, it can come with you wherever you go as long as there’s somewhere to plug it in. How amazing is that? In our opinion a perfect gifts for talented cooks and pizza lovers! $150-$400.

Sweet Moments Company Cooking Class

Sweet Moments Company Cooking Class are unique virtual interactive culinary classes that include pre-portioned ingredients delivered right to your door. Whether you enjoy baking, cooking, or experimenting in the kitchen; they have a vast class selection where you work with experienced chef instructors. These classes are tailored in such a manner to promote a comfortable and personal learning environment for everyone. In order to gift this to your favorite chef, head to the website and purchase a gift card ranging from $25 to $100 or a unique amount. They can then select the exact class they want. $25-$100.


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For cooks that love making a healthy yet delicious food, spiralizer is an amazing gift. With spiralizer you can make “noodles” out of vegetables like zucchini and cucumber, fries or latkes out of spiralized potatoes, or a pie from peeled apples. There are different kinds of spiralizers, but many come with different blade cuts you can switch out and are handheld or have a hand crank. There are electric versions too, if you just want to push a button. $25-$70.

Sous Vide Cooker

Also seen demonstrated by professional chefs on cooking shows, sous vide is a process that involves vacuum-sealing food in a bag then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. You can then sear, grill, or broil to add a crispy exterior if you like. There are various types of sous vide cookers for sale like immersion circulators and water ovens. Your chef will enjoy playing around with different sous vide recipes like cooking eggs, steak, fish, and more. $70-$200.


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