Attack of the Bloodsuckers!

Visit this new exhibition at Arizona Science Center (@azscience) and learn all about leeches, mosquitoes and other parasites!

Explore the science of what’s biting you in this skin-crawling exhibition! Examine the what, why, when and how of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, leeches and other parasites. Learn why bloodsuckers are important to the ecosystem and how to keep them out of your system.

Discover the biological wonders of the beasties that bite you through encounters with live species and interactive exhibits.

With more than a dozen interactive stations to explore, the entire exhibition was designed especially for families. There are many facts and features to spark conversation, such as why stinky feet attract mosquitoes, and other cool facts about the parasites that most of us would rather swat than get to know better.

The incredible biodiversity of bloodsuckers is sure to amaze and impress. While we can’t guarantee you’ll want to make friends with these critters, you’re sure to respect them after experiencing Attack of the Bloodsuckers!

Exhibition highlights:

  • Look a real leech in the mouth
  • Test your bug-appealing foot odor
  • Spin your way through a mosquito’s life cycle
  • Receive a big hug from a giant, inflating tick
  • Get itchy and knotty with a life-size game of “Twitcher”!

Attack of the Bloodsuckers! is included with admission to the Science Center. Additional tickets are required for the Irene P. Flinn Giant Screen Theater, Dorrance Planetarium, and featured exhibition. Children under 3 are always FREE.

Get your tickets HERE!

Date: January 21, 2022 – May 8, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Price: Adult – $19.95 / Child (3-17) – $14.95 / Children under 3 FREE
Phone: +16027162000
Location: Freeman Gallery, Level 1

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